Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally.. A way to rope the husbands into the TwiWorld!!

Get ready for this ladies... there is a Twilight video game in the works. This is something that usually happens, being dubbed the trifecta, as a book becomes a movie and then goes on to the video game world. This has been seen with Harry Potter and various other movies adapted from books.

So, I was thinking that I may be able to get the hubster into the depths of the TwiWorld addiction with me via his PS3. What do you think? I think Santa is gonna surprise someone in their stocking this year... so long as it is out by then. please please let it be out by then!!

I digress.

Here is the article that clued me into this exciting announcement. It sounds like a pretty decent idea. What do you think?
Twilight: The Video Game in development
By Eddie Makuch Source:

If Bella, Edward, and all the other hot undead from the Twilight book and movie series haven’t filled that vampire void of yours, enter Twilight: The Video Game, a recently announced digital endeavor hoping to complete the trifecta (book, movie, video game) recipe that other successful franchises (Harry Potter) have nailed so well.

We really don’t know much on the project as of yet, as the game’s website launched today, complete with, well, not too much. What we do know however is that the game will “allow players to immerse themselves into a deeper form of storytelling and adventure, gaining a deeper understanding of the Twilight saga…”

Sounds cool, but it gets better when the description lists the words “open” and “non-linear,” thus possibly proclaiming a deeper level to the game. But really, those are just words, until we get a hands-on we truly won’t know.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to experience the story through the perspectives of your most “beloved characters.” Who you love is up to you, but if I could get into Bella’s head (or pants), I’d be a happy dude.

Finally, both the Cullen household and Charlie’s house will serve as the games’ main hubs of activity and you’ll be able to deck out the interiors in any way you see fit.

The game’s description leaves us on somewhat of a cryptic note saying, “create your own character and play in multiplayer as a human, vampire, or werewolf.” Multiplayer? Like I shoot you, you shoot me multiplayer? Or social, MMO-type multiplayer? We have so many questions! For now, why don’t you go ahead and speculate, it’s all the rage.

When we learn more on this developing project we’ll be damn sure to send every last ounce of information your way, but for now, let us know in the comments what you hope for out of this Twilight game.

There is a working link to visit and get more information on the game.

It is

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