Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi from West Virginia!

Hello lovies!

My name is Jill, and I am one of the new posters here at PLT. As mentioned in the title of this post, I am from West Virginia. Yes, even hillbillies love Twilight! But seriously, not all West Virgnians are hillbillies.........just the majority. ha! So anyway, I started reading Twilight about a year ago, and have read all four books twice. (Currently reading them for the third time ;) I am mostly Team Edward, but I really love Jacob's character, and I would have to say that "New Moon" is my favorite of the series. Which is kind of weird because Edward is barely in it, but I think it is all the sadness and tragedy that I love in it. It stirs up so much emotions, which to me, makes it good! I'm a sap! I love to cry...ha!

Ok, ok, so I introduced myself now with some Twilight related West Virginia news. According the Charleston Gazette here in WV, Peter Facinelli will be doing a "meet and greet" on Saturday, July 11 at noon at the Charleston Town Center. Mall doors open at 6:30am. Autographs will cost $25, and photos will cost $40. I have read from the same newspaper two different charities that a portion of the proceeds will go to. First, I read that a portion of the money will go to City of Joy. City of Joy is a program that helps the abused and displaced women of the Congo. But then I also read that a portion of proceeds are going to Omnipeace. Omnipeace's mission is to end extreme poverty by 2025. It is possible that both charities are going to be supported, but I can't say for certain.

Also on starting on Saturday at the Charleston Town Center is a month long series of "Twilight"-themed events. There will be a "Twilight Lounge" that will be open during mall hours from July 11-25. In the lounge you will be able to play the Twilight board game, work Twilight puzzles, play some trivia, read the books or magazines that feature the cast from the films. On July 25th, Mike Welsh will be doing a meet and greet from noon until 2pm. If anyone is interested here is a link:

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