Thursday, July 9, 2009

Definition of Twilight? Nope, Nuh-uh, No

OK, so I know there are a BUNCH of Twilight haters 'round. Not as many as there are Twi-hard fans, but still.....

I found this website, Urban Dictionary that I subscription to so I get a "word of the day'. I have really enjoyed it because of things that I receive on my Crackberry like this.....

June 24: brown chicken, brown cow

An onomatopoeic imitation of the guitar riff commonly heard in 1970's porn movies.

Jim: "Hey, where are Abby and Jake?"
Tom: "Brown chicken, brown cow."

(((It just makes me raff, one of my Favorites!!)))

Here are the references, Gotta love'em
Commerical 1 Commercial 2 (I have this one as a ring tone!)

Well, because I am obsessed....... I decide to see what their definition of Twilight is. Keep in mind that these are written by anyone, yes, anyone! You or I could add OUR definition of Twilight (which would be correct I might say!). Well in reading these I was sadly disappointed! Most of the posts HAVE to have been written by dudes because.......... well just because! I'm not talking 'bout Unicorns here either people! THEY. ARE. ALL. HATERS!! (well so far I have only read the first 5 definitions but still....) They says stuff like this.....

"Although the book is pretty addicting, {{YA THINK?}} it has to be the worse book i've ever read in terms of originality, clich├ęs, plot, and writing."

{{@@, Pfst, Whatever!!}}

{{Umm, SAME definition}} There's no figurative language and not much description. The only thing the author seems to describe is Edward's appearance. Every other freaking sentence is talking about this muscular arms or smile or face or eyes or hair. It's like she created this book to produce a bazillion teen aged fan girls who are obsessed with Edward and don't care about the rest of the story.

{{Wrong again, samaRARW! I am NOT ANY WHERE near teen aged!}}

Yet still in the same definition......

"Despite all this, I still love it because it's addicting, but terrible."

Make up your DAMN mind!

Sorry 'bout that rant.

Even though the first few I have read through are all HATERS! There are 21, (21 -that's right) pages of Twilight related definitions. {{snorts&giggles}} I couldn't go on past the 1st page because my feelings were hurt but anyway, if you wanna take a looksy for yourself here is the link:

Maybe one of you PLT fans are really articulate and can make a proper definition! If you do so let me know & I will post it on here! Us TwiFans have to stick together! We'll show them!!!!!!!!

Have a Twilighty Wonderful day....


  1. Wow! Sounds like my son's who so hate Twilight! The funny thing is, most haters get it wrong. Almost all posts I've read (and not a lot, cuz I too can only take so much hatred!!) that were hate-filled are usually done my men, who seem to have confused us grown women with panting teenagers (and no offense cuz ya'll are smart) who only love fictional men, or men we can never attain or have in real life.
    Seriously. I feel sorry for the "men" who continue to despair over Edward. They are jealous. So what if he is a fictional character? The fun is in dreaming, what if he was real? =D Those definitions are funny too me, because they don't factor in that women truly are creatures who are emotional, and what Stephanie Meyers has done, is allows us to feel the youg girl with her very first crush.
    Ha! Sorry I can talk about Twilight allday. What were we talking about again? =D

  2. Girl, I get ya! I could talk/write/read about Twilighty things ALL.DAY.LONG.

    My DH & sons don't get it - but I don't care!

    I <3 Twilight & RobWard!



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