Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Fanfiction Review: Torn in Two by Addicted to Edward

All poor Leah Clearwater wants to do is go for a run and try and clear her head. But between an encounter with Sam Uley, a glimpse of Victoria, her father, and the change of a lifetime, clearing her head turns out to be harder then imaginable.

In the one-shot, Torn in Two by Addicted to Edward, we are given the story of how Leah becomes a shapeshifter. A girl becoming a werewolf causes great shock throughout the pack and beyond, and only Alpha wolf Sam can help Leah through this huge life change. Sam-the last person in the world she wants reading her thoughts and telling her what to do. As Leah realizes what her life will now be, her heart hardens.

Torn in Two takes a small moment from New Moon and provides giant results. Addicted to Edward not only gives readers Leah's mind frame as she enters a whole new stage of her life, but she gives us glimpses of the wolf pack during a critical part of the story: when Bella is jumping from the cliff and what follows from there. Addicted's Leah is portrayed as broken hearted, trying to work through this heartbreak in her life. And turning into a werewolf doesn't help her; it only makes things worse for Leah.

Torn in Two is a one-shot that provides so much depth to a crucial moment that we never see in New Moon. Leah's transformation, and the following results from that moment, shows us a girl who is caught in a situation that is tearing her apart. Torn in Two is a terrific piece of fanfiction, told from a point of view that we see little of, and reminds us that not only Bella's heart is broken in New Moon.

Rated: PG-13
5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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